‘Show me your ways, O Lord, Teach me your Paths’

Guide me your truth and teach me.

For you are God my savior,

And my hope is in you all day long.’

Greetings from MLZS, Ludhiana!!

It is a source of immense pride and pleasure to be appointed as Founder Principal of a progressive, futuristic school. Mount Litera Zee School, Ludhiana is all set to take Education to a higher level, committed to equip the students with the necessary skills and competence to face the challenges of the coming future.

With a rich experience of 27 years as a Teacher & Mentor, I intend to shape and train my team to use the possible methods combined with the unique Zee learn philosophy and pedagogy to provide an education system that shall not only be systematic, supportive and goal oriented but also consistently employ and take initiatives to adopt innovative educational techniques and integrate modern technology with societal values and impart quality and meaningful education – strong in academic content with inputs for holistic development of his/her personality.

I feel extremely privileged to introduce you to the Philosophy of Mount Litera Zee Schools.

An innocent mind is made to remain open to new ideas and in such a situation, learning comes naturally. We believe home is the best environment and informed parents are the best teachers a child can get. At MLZS Ludhiana, prime importance will be given to inculcating values along with vision- a respect for diversity, a respect for the potential of each individual, a respect for opposing points of view and respect for the intelligence and creating an environment that shall be happy, non-threatening and encouraging, thus ensuring that whatever we do at the school revolves around our mantra “What is Right For The Child” –WRFC!!

At Mount Litera Zee School, we want each child to discover the magic of childhood and develop to his true potential, as for us, children are not just roll numbers but a face to align with, to remember and to cherish all times!! Zee learn also imparts rigorous & periodical training programs to its teachers so that they are able to execute Zee learn pedagogy effectively in the classrooms.

Dear All ‘Intentions may be written in pencil but commitments should be carved in stones.’ Going by this conviction, we shall engage best practices in the teaching – learning process and develop a well planned, organised and supportive curriculum with a balanced system of scholastic and non- scholastic skills.

Teaching is the most noble of all the professions. Teaching is what we do, learning is what students achieve, a better world is what is accomplished! Only by studying sciences, developing sensitivity for the arts, and learning the histories, people cannot progress beyond themselves but by understanding the importance of nurturing the values and in the process, thus, becoming socially responsible citizens imbibed with all the virtues of Life.

“Every Teacher should realize the dignity of his calling” as said by John Dewey. True to this, we are on the path of building a better tomorrow. We shall jointly & individually script out a success story. The future of tomorrow is an asset, not a liability, their voices are to be heard, their talents to be revealed, values to be cultivated so that they can be instruments for change.

Our commitment to contribute to their lives and growing years stems from the love and care, the unalloyed enthusiasm and from the passion to do the best for our children. We look at the complete process of teaching- learning with an aim to keep alive the curiosity, the inquisitive nature & energy of these budding minds. Our entire curriculum has been so designed, so as to give maximum opportunities to the learners to understand, explore, enhance and enjoy their learning.

My message to my students is ‘Dream on – You can ACHIEVE!!’

‘Challenges are high, Dreams are new;

The world out there is waiting for you;

Dare to Dream, Dare to Try,

No Goal is too distant, No Star too high!!!

With all the heartfelt thanks to all who have been and who shall always be associated with us, I start my journey with the prayer – ‘Let our students go out into the world with the strengths, not only to survive, but to be beautiful human beings’!!

We commit ourselves!!

Daljit Kaur